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This comprehensive and practical course in Game Development by Syed Basit Ali Jafri will enable students to learn the basics and philosophy of the skill. Basit's rich experience developing games will make your concepts clear on how games and how Unity is used as a tool to make games. Put your seatbelts on, it's going to be a fun ride! 🤩 Both 2D and 3D game development will be covered in the course, after which you will be able to make a few games by yourself as assignments. These games will be for several platforms, but with a focus on Android, iOS, web PC. Moreover, a brief introduction on how to publish your game on Google Playstore will also be given by your instructor. 👉 What you get? By the end of the course, you will be able to: ◼ Develop 2D & 3D games ◼ Add objects, models, sprits and sounds to games. ◼ Use 3D animations in games. ◼ Make games for Android, iOS devices and Windows PC, as well as several other platforms. ◼ Publish YOUR VERY OWN games on Google Play Store. 🔥 The BEST part? You need little or no prior game development or programming knowledge to attend this course. 👉 Why should Basit teach you this course? Because he's been running his own game development house for over a decade now, and has years of experience teaching students at the prestigious Information Technology University, Lahore. You can trust him to teach you how to make kickass games for public! 🔥

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In this module there will be conversations around Game Development in general, along with what it is, who it is for, why do we do it and how it is done. Everything will be addressed in detail. PLUS, you will learn and be directed to install required tools so that you can get started with our first game scene.

  • Introduction 1min 3sec
  • What is Game Development and Why do we make games? 4min 11sec
  • Who makes games and how do they start? 6min 31sec
  • Course Expectations and requirements 4min 13sec
  • Introduction to Unity and how to install it 8min 22sec
  • First Project and Getting Started with Unity 6min 5sec
  • Adding first few game objects and introduction to transforms 11min 9sec
  • Mouse controls in Unity 5min 21sec
  • Assignment 1 - Making a detailed object using simpler 3d objects 4min 12sec

Get acquainted with game engine, Unity, and its environment, buttons, windows, layouts and menu options. In short, you'll learn how to get around with Unity. In this module you will also learn how to add game objects, apply physics, gravity, bounciness, collision and other transformations like motion, rotation and scaling to objects. How fun is that?!

  • Section 2 Introduction 51sec
  • Materials and Textures - Adding texture to the ball 8min 37sec
  • 3 Ways of applying transforms to an object 9min 38sec
  • Game physics: gravity and bounce- physics material and rigidbody 5min 45sec
  • Creating a football field and rolling the ball 7min 1sec
  • Colliders and collisions 5min 42sec
  • Creating a leg and interacting with ball 3min 13sec
  • Importing the first humanoid and scoring a goal 3min 44sec
  • Assignment 2 -- A ball rolling maze 10min 44sec

In this module, we will learn how to make a simple road, drive a car on it, add traffic, some buildings, as well as learn a few, handy coding tricks. We will make this an unlimited driving game. Let's get straight to business!

  • Introduction to the racing car game 48sec
  • Setting up the scene and Introduction to Unity Store 12min 37sec
  • Moving camera with the car 3min 35sec
  • Driver car script, taking input to move the car 4min 49sec
  • Placing buildings and traffic 6min 19sec
  • Traffic and Traffic Script 9min 32sec
  • Driving your car and traffic indefinitely 7min 10sec
  • Acceleration and breaking 4min 27sec
  • Assignment 3 -- Flying Spaceship 3min 38sec

In this module, expand your game development projects by creating an air-to-air combat game. It'll be super fun, learning how to make terrains and mountains, add mountains, trees, texture and most importantly how to limit edges of the game scene. The cherry on top, we will see how to add a helicopter to the game and will make it fly!!!

  • Introduction - Air to air combat game 52sec
  • What is a terrain and painting textures on it 8min 27sec
  • Adding mountains, smoothing and leveling 7min 8sec
  • Limiting edges 3min 39sec
  • How to find and import Standard Assets 3min 13sec
  • Painting Trees 4min 59sec
  • Directional light and its effect on tree shadows 4min 44sec
  • Adding a Helicopter to the scene , add script to make it fly 11min 49sec

In this module, we will continue with our previous Helicopter Game assignment and further enhance it by adding enemy helicopters that will follow to kill you. But to counter those enemy helicopters and save yourself, we will add missile firing capability to our helicopter. Take that, evil people! Moreover, we will learn about particle systems, prefabs, object pooling, sounds and random instantiating objects in the scene.

  • Helicopter game continued 1min 10sec
  • Adding enemy, enemy script and make it follow you 10min 12sec
  • Adding a Game Over Scene, Showing game over on collision 9min 12sec
  • Introduction to prefabs, Making a prefab of enemy 3min 22sec
  • Game controller and instantiating objects -- creating enemies dynamically 10min 13sec
  • Introduction to particle systems and explosions 5min 17sec
  • Firing bullets to destroy enemies, Don't destroy , reuse enemy 22min 2sec
  • Adding sounds to helicopters 2min 31sec
  • Freezing Transforms for physics 2min 36sec

With some theory and practice done, now you will learn how to make GUI in Unity. This will involve showing a home screen, and also showing labels, images, buttons, score, text and other items on it. Moreover, you will see how to add a scoring mechanism to your helicopter game and improve the game over screen.

  • Introduction to user interface 1min 10sec
  • Introduction to canvas, scaling, screen sizes and more 10min 5sec
  • Adding score and showing on screen 6min 25sec
  • Improving Game Over Screen UI 4min 49sec
  • Adding buttons and actions, adding restart button to Game Over Screen 5min 21sec
  • Adding skyboxes 6min 26sec
  • Assignment Section 6 1min 23sec

This module will me about making 2D Games on Unity. We will delve deep into this lesson by learning bout sprites, sprite sheets, 2D animations, rigid body and colliders in 2D. To end this module, we will make a 2D platformer game to practice all our learnings.

  • Introducing 2D games 1min 16sec
  • How 2D is different in Unity, Colliders, Rigidbody and Gameobjects in 2D 7min 47sec
  • Making simple animation with different images 2min 50sec
  • Sprite sheet, Slicing and Animations 7min 24sec
  • Perspective and Parallax 15min 18sec
  • Making a platformer game 12min 23sec
  • Adding enemies and their scripts 17min 55sec
  • Killing enemies and score 12min 58sec

Humanoids are human like characters with a body, head, 2 arms and 2 legs and we commonly use such characters in games. In this module, we will learn what humanoids are, what are common components of a humanoid, what is a rig, how to apply animations and how to make an unlimited running game in Unity using a humanoid character.

  • Introduction to Humanoids - Human like characters 1min 38sec
  • Models, Rigs and Animation 9min 3sec
  • Adding animation and animation controller to humanoids 10min 9sec
  • Adding more than one animation and controlling with keyboard 7min 28sec
  • Where to find humanoids and animations 6min 10sec
  • Assignment - A quick running obstacle avoiding game -- unlimited runner 14min 53sec

One of the most popular categories of video games are first-person shooter games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, PUBG. In this module, we will be focusing on making a first-person shooter game in Unity. We will set up the terrain, mountains, trees, textures and will start using FPS controller to run around the terrain with a gun in our hand. To make the game spicy, we will add our old foes, humanoid enemies to come and try kill us!

  • Introducing our FPS idea 1min 20sec
  • Setting up the scene, terrain, mountains, trees, light, skybox 5min 34sec
  • Adding FPS controller 3min 39sec
  • Adding a gun 5min 35sec
  • Adding enemies, Using Custom Character, Navmesh and more 21min 20sec

Here we will continue to improve our first-person shooter game. We will learn how to fire bullets from the hand held gun, how enemy attacks, enemy screams, make a game over screen and then we will turn this game into a night game. To turn into a night game we will add some lights, street lights, torch in hand and a night skybox - it'll turn out to be a lot of fun!

  • Firing bullets and killing enemies 15min 7sec
  • Enemy Attack and Game Over 7min 40sec
  • Turning day to night and adding lights? 7min 56sec
  • Adding torch to gun - Screaming Enemy 9min 5sec

Having covered the basics, now we are ready to build games for mobile phones including Android and iOS. In this module we will build games for mobiles as well as for the web. All this will be achieved on Unity, as it enables creation for all these platforms. Set to start building games, let's goooo!

  • Introduction to building the game for multiple platforms 1min 29sec
  • Building the game for Windows and playing independently 3min 39sec
  • Switching platform to web - Building and publishing on web 5min 1sec
  • Switching platform for Android and running on a phone 9min 38sec
  • Switching platform to iOS and running on iPhone 11min 9sec
  • Course Conclusion 49sec
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